History meets future

The plot originally housed a tram depot, and the historical wall was all that was left. To preserve the legacy of the space, the wall was renovated and a new modern building was built on top. The combination of old and new nicely illustrates history meeting the future.

We have builded unique workplace in Smíchov. We call it Five.

Unique atmosphere
at the river
Flexible floorplates
with maximum efficiency
Great visibility
and exposure
Easy access
by public transport
Green features
supported by LEED certification
Private garden
with playful features

A stunning 360° view

Established business location

Smíchov is historically one of the city’s most attractive business locations, thanks to its accessibility and many amenities. Skanska has already developed a project called Riverview across the street, which became the seat of MSD’s IT Global Innovation Center.
Five is a natural continuation of the development in the area.

Bridge walk
from city center

One would think that in order to get to Five you would need to take the metro or tram to Smíchov. However, you can also walk from the city center! The railway bridge has a pedestrian path, connecting the building with the city center riverbank.

Skanska Five Video

A flexibly and efficiently
designed space for work

Playful design
and innovative

Skanska focuses on the latest trends and innovations. Five keeps up with the newest trends, solutions and technologies. We understand that new generations need more than just a desk. Five is an inspiring and cool workplace where your employees will look forward to coming every day.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is about addressing the needs of the future. We have focused on sustainability for years, and we are continuously trying to improve and reduce the environmental footprints of our projects.

Five has been pre-certifi ed LEED Platinum, the highest possible level, and we are looking intensely into the energy effi ciency of the building.


It is increasingly important for employers to use the offi ce as a tool to attract and motivate people. Lots of natural light, plenty of fresh air, high quality air-conditioning, low-emitting chemical materials and LED lights will make your employees feel good in the workplace. Five also features a special garden, restaurant, terraces and stunning views – all factors that will help infl uence your employees’ productivity and happiness.

Technical specification
and Green solutions

Mobile & tablet

We are creating a smart mobile application that will serve as a guide for the Five buildings and its immediate vicinity. It will connect employees to a number of services, making their day in Five more pleasant and effective.

Stay tuned...


Skanska Property Czech Republic is a development company that has been active on the Czech commercial real estate company since 1997. During this time, it has built a number of high-profile projects in Prague and Ostrava, such as the City Green Court buildings, which is the first office building on the Czech market to feature both LEED Platinum Core & Shell and LEED Platinum Commercial Interior certification. Another first is their Nordica building in Ostrava, which was the first in the Czech Republic to obtain an EU GreenBuilding certificate for energy efficiency. Since the end of 2015, all Skanska units operating on the Czech market will be headquartered in its own development project, the Corso Court building in Prague’s Karlín neighbourhood. In Karlín, Skanska has begun to focus its activities on utilizing the neighbourhood’s potential and supporting its unique atmosphere. Aside from Karlín, Skanska’s activities are also focused primarily on Smíchov and Pankrác.


Corso Court

Corso Court

Corso Court is a new, ultra-modern office building located in Prague’s Karlín neighbourhood, designed by world-famous architect Ricardo Bofill. Aside from a spacious and impressive atrium, the project also has a lovely garden that can be used for both work and relaxation. The garden features numerous practical elements such as Wi-Fi, charging outlets for phones, or chess and ping-pong tables. The large auditorium can be used to host concerts, company meetings, or Christmas markets. Corso Court is LEED Platinum certified, and thus provides a healthy and inspiring work environment for its tenants.

Corso Court implements a number of measures to minimize the building’s environmental impact while also significantly reducing operating costs. The building has a high-performance façade that lets in plenty of sunlight, an energy-efficient HVAC design, and like other Skanska projects, also places great emphasis on the quality of its indoor environment.

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court is an ecologically acvanced building designed by prominent architect Richard Meier. It is located in one of the most accessible parts of Prague 4 – Pankrác, at the corner of Pujmanová and Hvězdova streets, right beside the metro station, shopping centre, and many restaurants. The City Green Court building was the first ever project in the Czech Republic to implement a number of innovative green solutions, structural elements, and innovations, which have a positive impact on the project itself as well as its surroundings. One example is a sophisticated lighting system using occupation and daylight sensors, a green roof, a highly efficient irrigation system, or an impressive enclosed atrium featuring natural ventilation. The building was designed to consume 56 % less energy than buildings that simply meet Czech building standards. It is the only building on the Czech market that can boast both LEED Platinum Core&Shell and LEED Platinum Commercial Interiors certification.



Riverview is located on the bank of the Vltava River in the commercial neighbourhood of Prague 5 – Smíchov. The project is within walking distance of both the Anděl metro station and the Na Knížecí bus station, making it easy to commute from the city centre and suburbs alike. The location also offers access to the highway to Pilsen, the Prague ring road, and the airport.

The seven-floor building was completed in December 2014 and sold to Invesco Real Estate in October of the same year. In May 2015, the Riverview building, featuring approximately 7000 m² of leasable floor space, obtained LEED Gold certification. Its green solutions increase the comfort of the work environment while minimizing operating costs, especially thanks to reduced water and energy consumption. The upper floors also feature terraces with breathtaking views of Vyšehrad and the Prague Castle. The complex was designed by the renowned Swedish architectural studio Tengbom, and  general construction contractor was Skanska a.s. The Riverview project was the first in the Czech Republic to use BIM technology during both the design and construction phases. The building’s main tenant is MSD, a pharmaceutical company that has located its Global Innovation Centre here.